​​                       Vom  Hause  Reto


​​Vom Hause Reto are Code of Ethic Breeders and ensue FCI and ADRK German standards. 

We strictly breed Full German Bloodlines, that are consistently producing excellent dogs with correct conformation and temperament.

We are fully committed to only produce healthy dogs in benefit to the breed.
Vom Hause Reto is a family based hobby kennel and very involve in Sieger shows.

All of our adults and puppies in our kennel possess sound and courageous temperaments, drive, healthy powerful bodies, excellent substantial bone and correct structure, working ability, and extremely high intelligence that we use in our breeding program.
All of our puppies are born and raise inside our home. We socialized our puppies  on daily basis with our kids and younger dogs to build their confidence.

Our dogs are calm but very alert, confident, loyal, trainable and protective, courageous and highly devoted to their owners and family. 
Obedience training is essential and we recommend it to every puppy